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December 2013

Leo arranges a working visit to SEAS, a leading factory for loudspeaker drivers

in Moss, Norway.

We first drive to Charleroi for an evening flight to Moss.

The airport is not the most pleasant place to be, lots of neon and straight lines. In a corner I see a piano with the invitation: "Play me".

I'm going to sit.

''Fur Elise'' rolls out hesitantly. I have no idea why just this particular piece. It must be…airport poetry...!

Once inside the aircraft, the tension rises: neither of us cherish flying. But it's always better together than flying alone, I thought. At least you can reassure each other.

We look out the window. It's a very bright night. The first lights are already twinkling through the air from Christiansand. What a relief! Our destination in sight

The next morning we are collected by Claus and Diego and who offer the friendliest of welcomes at the factory. After two intensive days of consultation and experiment we return home.

On the morning before departure Leo tells me excitedly about his dream. I appeared as Mrs Vaniglia van der Vla, cheerful and seductive.

We could not stop laughing. It certainly helped to tame the emerging flight stress. We agreed that we would return to Norway.

Vaniglia, a new platform

And so it has become that Vaniglia will henceforth be the name of the platform for my upcoming CD and text editions. It is such an invigorating thought!

The CD album The Ernen Recital 1996 is the first of this series.



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