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During her own career, Marietta has had to overcome many 'bumps'. She is therefore completely dedicated in her dealings with young talents.


Petkova knows the desire for freedom. She knows the endless striving to become one with the piano and the music.


The audience witnesses a special process in her masterclasses. B oth the composition as a performer at the center. Sometimes this leads to a deep insight into the musical world of the composer, at other times to practical playing tips. We are gradually taken in a fascinating quest for the physical-emotional possibilities of the pianist.


'I don't follow any specific teaching method; I don't believe in manuals. To me, every student is the unwritten first page of a beautiful book '.


Petkova, herself strongly formed by György Sebök's master courses, uses all her empathy, curiosity and tact to get to the essentials.


A true experience for the public.



A free monthly introductory lesson, for Conservatory students or young pianists in training, online or in my studio.



Private lessons, both physical and online, for professionals and passionate piano enthusiasts.



Two consecutive sessions where the participants listen to each other. Often with a theme around a composer and / or assignment piece.


Public Masterclass in a theater or institute.


For more information see the agenda .


Autumn break! Just 4 hours a day of piano study and then a lesson with Marietta Petkova.

I feel like a bit of a student again, great! A gift to myself. It is amazing how Marietta let self-imposed restrictions melt like snow in the sun. A musical release that I wish everyone.

René Maurer

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