Marietta has overcome a number of obstacles in her own career. She is fully committed to helping young talent. She understands their need for freedom and the endless quest for union with the piano and music.


In a safe and familiar atmosphere, Petkova shares her vast experience with master class participants and helps them map out the next step in their development. The focus is on both the composition and the interpreter. For example, it could be to gain deeper insight into the musical world of Bach, Schumann, or Rachmaninov, or it could be practical advice for playing.


'I don't follow any specific teaching method; I don't believe in manuals. To me, every student is the unwritten first page of a beautiful book '.


Along the way there is guidance for the physical and emotional capabilities of each participant.


Petkova, whose own musical development has benefited greatly from György Sebök's masterclasses, uses all her empathy, curiosity and tact to cultivate the essence of what a pianist should be. It is a true adventure for the public to witness this remarkable process.


Autumn break! Just 4 hours a day of piano study and then a lesson with Marietta Petkova.

I feel like a bit of a student again, great! A gift to myself. It is amazing how Marietta let self-imposed restrictions melt like snow in the sun. A musical release that I wish everyone.

René Maurer


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